Navigating the Heart

Online Camp

11~12 June 2021

Journey through the World of the Heart

19:00 CEST

Meeting ID : 966 3995 5265

Every day we have numerous thoughts that guide the direction
of our hearts, sometimes towards sadness
and sometimes towards joy. 

It has already been over a year since the beginning of the pandemic
and many of us are trying to navigate our lives
towards normality and happiness.
Us at TGLC, we believe in the power of unity
and that together we can discover the world of the heart
that continues to trouble many.

That is why we are inviting you
to our 2 day online camp

‘Navigating the Heart: A Journey through the World of the Heart’
from the 11/6 to 12/6 at 19:00 CEST
so that together we can reflect on
what is going on in our hearts
and find the obstacles in our hearts which are preventing us
from achieving each of our own potential.


Ice Breaking

Through icebreaking games we will be able to relieve some awkwardness
and get to know each other and open our hearts for the upcoming programs.

Cultural Performance

Student Lecture

At TGLC we have members from various different cultural backgrounds
and cultural exchange is one of our main goals, that is why although we are unable to currently meet offline we would like to feel the culture
of different cultures through certain performances.

Recently in South Korea there was a youth festival organised by the national government where they selected 100 speeches from around the country
to showcase the youth leadership of South Korea.
Out of the 100 that were selected over 20 were members of TGLC in South Korea so throughout the conference we will invite two students for a mini lecture where they express about their own ways of navigating through the heart.

Heart Reflection

Heart Reflection is where we gather into groups and discuss what we have heard in the lectures and also share our hearts with other participants.
We believe that by simply sharing the concerns you may have in your heart,
that can halve the load that you may feel in your heart,
so everyone there are no judgments, open your heart and feel free to share.

Main Lecture

The guest speaker for this online camp will be Mr. Tommy Henderson,
he has been working with the youth of India for many years.
Through his life story he will tell us how he was able to navigate his world of the heart and I believe his story will give us the inspiration
to also learn more about the world of the heart.


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