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BTS was invited to speak at the UN General Assembly, and Korean drama content swept almost the top spot on Netflix service provider countries, making the world enjoy Korean content. 

Korean culture, such as K-pop, movies, and food, is spreading widely around the world. We want to share the spirit of Korean culture as well as having fun.



1. K-Pop Dance Lessons! Learn permission to dance from BTS

2. Squid game
(green light rorte light, dalgona, etc.)

3. Hanbok experience
The traditional clothing in Korea is called Hanbok.

Next Station: 
Rome [11.12]

Would you like to play?

Time: 14.00  (Entry: 13.30)

Price: 5 Euro

I want to participate in


1. You need to arrive 30 Minutes before the event starts.
2. You need your vaccine passport or PCR-Test

Insta/tik-tok: @TGLC_GERMANY


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