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Cultural Performances

There are so many things that we are unable to experience and witness in real life, and that has been further complicated with the pandemic which restricts us from any sort of movement. Albeit online, by watching the cultural performances from Korea, it will awaken the global mindset that remains asleep in the hearts of the students and allow them to start to think beyond their own person, city and country to start their path on taking a step closer to that global mentality. The inclusion of mainly Korean performances emphasizes our priority as a mainly Korean organization to have a sense of unity and connection with the Albania, hence the inclusion of Albanian cultural performances as well.

FAT - Food Avatar Tour

Nowadays, virtual tours have become a massive hit especially because the reluctance of people around the world to travel to different countries, therefore it was decided that we would take a different approach and embark on a journey that introduces the participants to the most essential part of any trip -food.


Through this opportunity, we will be going to be introduced to some famous, some not so well-known dishes

across Europe just to get an experience of

what it would be like to ear there.


There will be an element of interaction,

because some of our Avatars will be doing

their slotted times live while some of the videos

will have to be pre-recorded

especially in countries where the coronavirus

has not declined.


Especially, there will be an opportunity

to see the live reaction of Korean students

eating Albanian food and vice versa.

This is the very act of cultural exchange,

which ticks one our most important values

of cohesion.  



Every single person is unique. This is an opportunity to learn what science says your personality is. The MBTI Test is a scientifically proven test which shows the type of personality type you are.


After going through the quiz, the participants will be broken up into small groups to discuss whether their personality type was what they expected and what surprised them. 


The most important thing to take away from this is the fact that it is true that we are all different but it is those differences that are able to make this world what it is today and that it is because of those differences that we must learn to do unite as every single person has strengths but more importantly, their weaknesses.  


As much as the students are young participants,

it is important for them to be able to have some fun.


Through a variety of games that

we can organize through programs

such as Kahoot and others, they will be able to

reflect on the Mind Lectures and think about

what they have learnt.


Prizes will be awarded for students

who place 1st to 5th

(about which the details are provided in the budget). 


Mindset Quiz

Classical Music

      - Gracias Choir

Young people in this generation do not get the opportunity to listen to high quality classical music and therefore ventures towards pop music, rap music and other genres. Not only will the students get the opportunity to listen to Classical Music, but the some of the world’s best. Gracias Choir are the official choir of the IYF and have won multiple international choral competitions, most notably the International Choral Competition in Marktoberdorf Germany in 2015. Their music is the perfect remedy to soothe people’s heart and bring peace before opening their hearts to listen to the Mind Lecture. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 12.59.07

Mind Lecture

As we learn about the world of the heart you learn how to have a bright and sound mindset. You will learn about the strong mindset that one needs to have in order to become leaders of tomorrow. The young people need passion to achieve their dreams but also need to learn to exercise self-control.


The ‘Mind Lecture’ will help you to develop a strong heart to overcome difficulties and a heart to converse with others. You will also learn to break out of your box and learn to challenge yourself. This will bring about change in the hearts of the students, not only on an individual level but they will also become the source of change in the world. Our focus on the Korean background is only for our lectures to have added credibility as the lecturers are Korean and therefore are more naturally drawn to Korean Case Studies.

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