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TGLC (Tomorrow's Global Leaders Collective)

is a European-wide youth initiative run entirely by the young people

who aspire to be the leaders of the next generation.


Our focus is on the spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth of the young people, because we believe that this is the key to unlocking our potential. 

What is TGLC

Our Values


A true cohesive mind that

transcends ethnicity nationality,

language and religion.


True change of life that begins

from the heart.


​A new challenge

to overcome one’s limitations

and experience endless possibilities.


Our mission


Our Mission

Develop leadership qualities in young people
with a heart-first approach.  

How you can get involved

There are so many opportunities for you to get in terms of volunteering and participating in this event.

Whether it be participating in our eye-opening conferences

or volunteering to make it all come to life, there is a place at TGLC for you.

A message from the president

Everyone wants true happiness in life. Most people think that certain
conditions must be met in order to be happy, but they
must first discover where happiness is derived from.

With TGLC, you will encounter and learn about the world of the
heart. A strong mindset that is capable of overcoming any form of difficulty is created when one overcomes one’s limits.

As you participate in TGLC programs, before you realise it, your heart will become stronger and will enjoy lasting happiness.Also, you will be able to become a mentor who can pass on happiness to others.

In the future, the youth who have gained sound, bright hearts through TGLC will lead the world. I believe that everywhere they venture, there will be a scent of happiness.

David Oh

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